Elderly Assitant - CA

Our Caregivers

Before a Safe At Home Senior Care Caregiver arrives at your doorstep they have undergone an extensive screening and training process. Each Caregiver has been carefully selected to match your needs. We conduct an extensive interview process then; we perform Department of Justice Fingerprint scans, T.B tests, reference checks, background checks, & DMV driving record checks and extensive training before they arrive at your doorstep. Each Caregiver has completed all requirements by the State of California Home Care Services Bureau and is registered with the State of California. Additionally you can rest assured; each Safe At Home Senior Care staff is Bonded, Insured and covered by the agencies Workers Compensation insurance.

What Does This Mean to You?


Regardless of experience level, a pre-requisite to employment with Safe at Home Senior Care is the completion of an extensive training course. We provide continued education to our caregivers in the form of ongoing training that educates on various topics that impact our seniors. Topics such as: fall prevention, caring for individuals with dementia, hospice care and more.

Many of our caregivers have cared for their own loved ones, worked for another agency or have health care experience. Safe at Home Senior Care Caregivers are our employees. This means that each Caregiver will be trained, bonded, insured and covered under our own workers compensation insurance policy which protects you and your family by removing the burden of personal liability and any (unknowing) violations of labor law regulations.

Finally, before hiring a caregiver for employment, we ask ourselves the most important question, “Would we want this person in our own home caring for us or our loved one?” and if so, these are the men and women  that become members of the Safe At Home Senior Care team.

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